Dustin Lehmann served in the 82nd Airborne Division and the 3/75 Ranger Regiment as a Medic between 2004 and 2010. After receiving his Honorable Discharge in 2010, he went on the receive a degree in literature and economics from the University of Memphis, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Cincinnati. 

After graduating, Dustin initially worked with The Department of Homeland Security, but soon found his skills were needed in the nonprofit sector. Dustin founded The Leadership Group, a non-profit focussed on veteran transition from service to civilian through the We're All Green program. TLG also specializes in delivering keynotes and providing workshops to campuses throughout the nation. These events focus on masculinity, identity, and bystander intervention. They also focus on assisting fraternity men in facing the hurdles they will face in life through the development of leadership skills. 

Dustin serves as the CEO of Risers Consulting, a firm that specializes in developing start-ups through licensing, infrastructure, business continuity, and IP protection. The firm has also worked extensively in immigration law, civil liberties, and social justice. 

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Dustin's latest endeavor is co-founder and COO of CDJ Designs, LLC, creator of the 3D printed Mohawk 3D Golf Aligner. The goal of the product is to bring professional technology to the weekend golfer. It’s produced as one fully functional piece, leveraging the design freedom that additive manufacturing offers. It's made in the USA by a veteran-owned company. It can be found at MohawkYourBalls.com